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BioLabME Organic Sanitizer

“BioLabME Organic Sanitizer, a proudly South African organic sanitizer, is in a class of its own. Using S4L-Technology, our product has taken this highly competitive market by storm.”

Our sanitizer is 100% natural combination of flavonoids and plant extracts. Every ingredient is listed on FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list. Rated up to the strength of a hospital-grade sanitizer, it stands alone as a safe and non-toxic, yet powerful germ killer for all sanitizing applications to suppress 99,999% of harmful pathogenic cellular organisms such as bacteria, fungi & molds and non-cellular organisms such as viruses on all surfaces for a total environment enhancer that is conducive for humans. None of it’s components have shown to cause harmful effects with regular use since they occur in many different parts of everyday life from food to human hygiene applications.

BioLabME Organic Sanitizer is NOT a disinfectant or a biocide

Difference between a sanitizer and disinfectant

Sanitizers and disinfectants differ in how long they take to work, known as dwell time. Sanitizers can work almost immediately whereas the chemicals in disinfectants take up to 10 minutes to kill germs.

Disinfection means to destroy or irreversibly inactivate specified infectious fungi and bacteria, but not necessarily the spores, on hard surfaces.

Sanitizing means to reduce micro-organisms of public health importance to levels considered safe, based on established parameters, without adversely affecting either the quality of the product or it’s safety.

While disinfection measures may be employed in food processing and preparation, it is much more common to utilize sanitation methods to reduce microbial presence.

Disinfection tunnels for Covid-19 have negligible benefit and are potentially dangerous

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Why using chemicals in a misting booth can be harmful to humans.



It is clear that there is great confusion in the understanding of what the difference between a disinfectant and a sanitizer is.

By virtue of its composition, ingredients, manufacturing process and certifications our Organic Sanitizer is NOT and will never be a disinfectant. Our is presented in the market as an effective and environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to disinfectants. It is a sanitizer consisting of a sophisticated complex of carefully selected flavonoids and botanical extracts (mostly of African origin) developed for its sanitation properties. This formulation is the result of years of research to support ALL the claims and applications suggested. Accredited laboratory results proved this efficacy. Our product does not contain any chemicals nor alcohol and has the CERES approval together with the Eurofin laboratory analysis for that.


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